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Madol Duwa Book Sinhala Free Download [Latest-2022]




It was published in a serial format by Kaluwara under the name මඩොල් දූව. In 1995, it was adapted to a film of the same name, directed by Sunil Weerasinghe. The film won several awards at various international film festivals including a Special Jury Award at the International Film Festival of India. Synopsis Chandana Mahela is the 14-year-old daughter of a wealthy family living in the city of Colombo. She is a timid child who hates her father's sudden and over-protective love. Chandana's mother is a gentle woman who is always there to support her in difficult times. Chandana has several friends at school, among them Vijaya, a friend who has a lot of money and buys whatever she likes. Chandana would often go to Vijaya's house, where she would play with her children and enjoy herself. One day, Chandana is walking home when she encounters a vicious dog, which attacks her. Chandana's father and brother go to save her, but are attacked by the dog. Chandana is traumatized and she realizes she wants to kill herself. She comes to her father and tells him that she has decided to kill herself. Her father is unable to talk to her, but Chandana's mother is able to console her. A few days later, Chandana goes to her favourite friend's house again, but this time Vijaya refuses to let her enter. The next day, Chandana meets her friend Apsara, who asks her to play with her children. Chandana immediately runs away when Apsara asks her about her secret. She goes to the garden at the edge of the house and slowly undresses herself. She is shocked when she sees a boy, who had just been released from prison, lurking in the garden. The boy is kind to her and takes her home. Chandana soon learns that her friend's brother is the same boy who was in prison. The next day, when Chandana meets the boy again, she decides to kill herself and run away to save him. He takes her to his house, where he gives her a room. The girl is shocked to see a blood-stained scene, which she assumes is that of a murder. She goes to the house of her father and asks him to send for the police. Chandana's father is confused by her change



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Madol Duwa Book Sinhala Free Download [Latest-2022]

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